Our services

We provide a unique wealth management process that focuses on affluent clients who aspire to a work optional lifestyle.

Our process stands out amongst the rest because we do it for people who invest and are tired of the ordinary. We do not accept mediocrity. We are architects of a better way to managing your wealth. Our unique method – the RBI Bridging Formula is a process driven approach that involves planning and protection. It is a process that is objective, disciplined and transparent.

We work with like-minded people that appreciate the value, enthusiasm, passion and knowledge that we bring to the office every day.

We became wealth advisors to help people tune out the noise and focus on what matters to them—things they can control—so that they can face the future with anticipation, instead of apprehension.

Contrary to the old cliché what you don’t know can hurt you and ignorance is not bliss; financial health is a matter of choice, not chance. We became wealth advisors to help our clients to make more informed choices and take fewer chances. That is the harmony of wealth and risk management—integrated.

We learned long ago that financial success requires more than just judgment and ideas. It requires a process.

When we started, we attracted affluent clients from all walks of life who appreciated our process and client experience. This included farmers, retirees and professionals. Today, we primarily work with professionals, business owners/farmers and executives who, among other things, aspire to that work-optional lifestyle and want to secure their family’s investment legacy.

One of the primary characteristics of these clients is that they delegate their wealth management to a professional, allowing them to focus on what they really want to be doing; or what they are really good at.

We take a team approach to creating a client experience that is consistent. Each person on our team has bought into best practices that govern how we conduct ourselves with our clients.

We are vigilant defenders of wealth. We believe in full transparency in all that we do. We provide our clients with services that reflect their needs.

We understand that wealth advisors must have a defined process that can contribute to helping clients protect their wealth, enabling them to realize their dreams and sleep well at night.

We keep our client base to a minimum and only work with select clients who are a fit for what we provide. We do this so we can be all things to a few instead of attempting to be everything for everyone.

We utilize a process we termed the RBI Bridging Formula. This process is a truly unique wealth management system that fully understands that success for our clients involves diligence and attention to planning and process. Planning and process are key elements in both Portfolio Management and Financial Planning and when combined, they formulate your wealth blueprint.

We realize that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Therefore, we utilize the services of our in-house team of specialists which includes two financial planners, a full team of life insurance experts, a chartered accountant for complex business strategies, private banking and a lawyer for estate and trust needs.

  • Financial Planning from Scotia Capital Inc.
  • Coverage from Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.
  • Private Banking from The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Estate and trust planning from Scotiatrust®, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company

Our process is panoramic and all encompassing. It covers every piece of the financial puzzle and engages every service provider so that our clients always have the complete picture.

Our method is fluid and dynamic. It is not static and it is not transactional.

As our clients’ lives unfold, their needs will evolve. We act as the bridge to their financial aspirations.

  • We work at turning apprehension into anticipation
  • We are specialists—not generalists
  • We partner with an in-house team of wealth specialists
  • We believe that success comes from planning and is not left to chance
  • We fully understand that our clients want to sleep well at night and enjoy their lives
  • Our RBI Bridging Formula leaves no stone unturned. The planning and investment process is unique, conservative and disciplined.

We are accountable to our clients for we understand the crucial role we play in building and protecting their wealth.

Each day inspires us to strive to provide a service that we believe is unique from the mainstream.

We work out of our home base in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with Scotia Wealth Management. Our office is on the 7th Floor of the Saskatoon Square office tower on the corner of 4th Avenue and 22nd Street.

In our experience, our affluent clients are mobile throughout Canada. In order to continue to provide them with the service they have come to expect and appreciate, we are licensed in five provinces and have active experience servicing accounts in each of these provinces.

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