Is your coffee bulletproof?

The homemade energy drink

February 23, 2017

Bulletproof Coffee is already a common sight in Silicon Valley’s office break rooms and is quickly becoming a common breakfast replacement for creatives and executives alike.

Created by Dave Asprey, the homemade energy drink is inspired by a Nepalese yak-butter tea and is renowned by its fans for keeping them sharp and satisfied all morning long.

Bulletproof Coffee combines carbohydrate-free ingredients in three steps:

  1. Brew coffee as you normally would.
  2. While your coffee is brewing, Asprey recommends boiling some water and add it to a blender – just to pre-heat it. Drinkers often choose to skip this step and still find the finished product hot enough.
  3. Pour out the boiled water and add your fresh coffee to the blender instead. In it, now add butter and oil and blend until you get a thick head of foam.

Many drinkers also add a sweetener, dark chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon.

Most Bulletproof Coffee reviews have been positive, with strong praise for its energy-boosting effects. Among those drinkers who aren’t completely satisfied, the most common complaint has been they still felt hungry well before lunch.

If you’re curious to give Bulletproof Coffee a try, Asprey offers [a detailed recipe and wealth of guidance] to help the newly Bulletproof choose appropriate coffee beans, butter, and oil. However, drinkers may use their favourite coffee blend, regular butter, and coconut oil.

Daryl Cooper, Portfolio Manager, Cooper Schneider Financial, at 306.343.3255