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Celebrating five years with Scotia Wealth Management

August 10, 2017

In 2012, Cooper Wealth Management Group, under the leadership of Daryl Cooper, made the pivotal decision to terminate its relationship with BMO Nesbitt Burns and integrate their practice within the investment management firm ScotiaMcLeod.

A year later, when Colleen Schneider joined the Cooper Wealth Management Group and it was re-branded as Cooper Schneider Financial, they began operating within Scotia Wealth Management, a company offering a range of services that went significantly beyond investment management to encompass the entirety of a client’s financial life.

They wanted to be equipped deliver a comprehensive range of élite wealth advisory services direct to our clients from a single, seamless source.

In the pursuit of that objective they have – scrupulously and systematically – assembled one of the most talented teams of wealth management professionals in Saskatchewan.

A powerful range of services

In addition to Daryl Cooper and Colleen Schneider – who jointly bring over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry to the work Cooper Schneider Financial perform for our clients – our team can deliver the following wide and powerful range of services:

Portfolio management, financial planning, tax and insurance solutions, estate, trust and retirement planning, private banking, business succession strategy and execution, charitable giving, legacy creation and intergenerational wealth transfer. And, of course, we are deeply knowledgeable about the business fundamentals of the Saskatchewan agricultural industry, a central and indispensible part of our provincial economy.

A carefully selected combination of these and other specialized services – based on the needs of each individual client – is what constitutes Total Wealth Management. This comprehensive approach to wealth creation is what we believe in and deliver.

An exceptional team of experts

Take a look at the team page on our website. Our people not only have stellar credentials and track records, they support every aspect of their work with sensitivity, tact, patience and exceptional dedication.

That team includes D-Nay Stockbrugger (Financial Planner and Life Insurance Specialist), Misty Tait (Senior Financial Planning Consultant and Retirement Income Strategist), Andrea Volk (Business and Family Wealth Specialist), Damian McGrath (Estate and Trust Consultant), Dean Prosky (Senior Private Banker). All of us are most capably supported by Aleisha Abtosway (Senior Associate) and Austin Cooper (Administrative Associate).

Backed by the resources of Scotia Wealth Management

In addition to this core team, and depending on the nature of the specific task, we can draw on the resources of Scotia Wealth Management, ScotiaMcLeod, and Scotiabank – one of Canada’s largest financial organizations, with over $792 billion in assets – to solve even the most demanding wealth management challenges.

Cooper Schneider Financial offer our clients a dual advantage:

1. A profoundly personal wealth management experience with an accessible, responsive team.
2. Support from the massive national and international resources of a leading Canadian financial institution.

As we also say on our website: We do not accept mediocrity. We are architects of a better way to manage your wealth.

The RBI Bridging Formula

One of the ways we meet our obligations to our clients is through a process known as The RBI Bridging Formula, which integrates the defining elements of every client profile into two documents: a personalized Wealth Blueprint and an Investment Policy Statement.

These two documents are crucial to client financial success. The Wealth Blueprint is an in-depth dive into your financial, retirement, risk and estate planning goals. The Investment Policy Statement clearly defines your investment objectives and your commitment to reaching these goals.

Together they are a powerful combination managed by an expert, seasoned and impassioned team.

A final few words from Daryl Cooper

I had the good fortune to have been raised in rural Saskatchewan, an experience that instilled values that are with me today. Those values are shared by my business partner Colleen and by the rest of our team.

Those values include understanding the value of a dollar, the importance of hard work and perseverance and respect such that you treat the janitor the same way you treat the CEO. I live by the golden rule, as do the rest of the Cooper Schneider Financial team: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

We’ve had a great five years with Scotia Wealth Management and, with the help of you – our valued clients – we look forward to many more of them. Thank you so much.

Daryl Cooper, Portfolio Manager, Scotia Wealth Management, 306-343-3255.

Colleen Schneider, Wealth Advisor, Scotia Wealth Management, 306-664-1860.